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Sardinia Destinations offers online booking services through its web sites and applications for mobile devices, and through other online platforms such as the Web sites of affiliate partners and social media. The information below applies to all of these platforms. Sardinia Destinations will occasionally update this Statement of Privacy and Cookie, so please visit this page regularly for the latest changes. If you do not agree with this Statement of Privacy and Cookie, you should interrupt your use of our services.


What kind of personal data is Sardinia Destinations using?

When you make a reservation, you must provide your name and your e-mail address. We might also ask for your address, phone number, the data for the payment, the name of the guests who travel with you and your preferences relating to the stay.

In order to manage more easily your reservations you can create a user account. This allows you to save your personal settings, leave reviews and make future reservations.

When you visit our websites, even without a booking , we may collect some information such as your IP address, the browser you are using and the data related to the operating system of your computer, the application version, the language settings and the pages you have visited. If you're using a mobile device, we may also gather data on your device, on settings and characteristics and latitude / longitude. When you book a reservation, our system registers the platform used and from which website you have booked.

We may also collect information about you when you use services of social media.

Why does Sardinia Destinations collect, use and share your personal information?

  • Reservations: First of all, we use your personal data to complete and manage your online booking and to send details thereof to the booked accommodation.
  • Guests Reviews: We use your contact information to invite you to leave a review after your stay. So you can help other travelers to choose the most suitable accommodation.
  • Account Management: You can choose to create a user account on our website. The information you provide will allow us to manage this function, and it allows you to manage your reservations, to take advantage of special offers, to book more easily and set your preferences.
  • Marketing activities: We use your information even for marketing activities, to the extent permitted by law. For example:
    • When you book with us or create a user account, you may use your contact information in order to send you information on products and services related to the travel industry. With your consent, if required under local laws, we may also send you newsletters at a fixed rate by e-mail. At any time you can choose to stop receiving marketing communications or completely opt out, using the "Unsubscribe" which is in every newsletter. You can also manage your subscriptions through your account, if you created one.
    • According to the information you share with us, you may see customized offers on Sardinia Destinations website, on applications for mobile devices, or on third-party websites, including social media. These could be bookable offers directly on Sardinia Destinations website, or offers or third-party products that we think may interest you.
    • If we think that a particular offer may interest you, we may also contact you by phone.
  • Other types of communications:: On occasion we may contact you by e-mail, phone or SMS, depending on the type of contact information you have shared with us. This could happen for several reasons:
    • In case we need to manage and answer to your request.
    • If you have not completed an online booking, we may send you an e-mail reminders, inviting you to continue. We think this is a very useful service, because it allows you to continue with a reservation without looking again for the structure or fill again all the details for booking.
    • When you use our services, we may send you an assessment questionnaire or an invitation to deliver a judgment on your experience with Sardinia Destinations.
    • We may also send you other materials related to your reservations, for example a guidance on how to contact Sardinia Destinations in case of need on the go, and information that we think might be useful for the organization of your trip, or to enjoy the best of your stay . We may also send you material related to your current reservations and a summary of previous reservations made on Sardinia Destinations.
  • Market research: Sometimes we ask our customers to take part in market research. Any additional personal information that you provide on these occasions will be used only with your consent.
  • Detecting and preventing fraud: We may use your personal information to detect and prevent fraud or other illegal or non-desiderable activities.
  • Improving our services: Finally, we may use personal information for analytical purposes, to improve our services, to enrich the user experience and to improve the functionality and quality of our online service in the travel industry.

How does Sardinia Destinations use social media?

We use social media to promote partner structures that are in our site and to advertise, improve and make easier our services. For example, on Sardinia Destinations website we integrated plug-in social media, thanks to which you can click on the relevant buttons and access through the account that you already have on social media. In this case, the information will be shared with the service provider of social media, and in some cases the same information will also be displayed on your profile on social media and shared with other people in your network.

In addition, Sardinia Destinations is present on several social media through account and specific apps. These social media services may allow you to share information with Sardinia Destinations. When you sign up via a social media app, we will specify what information will be shared with Sardinia Destinations. The data you choose to share with us may include the basic information in your profile on the social media, your e-mail address, status updates and your list of friends. These data are needed to create a tailored browsing experience in the app and on the web site. This will make it easier to customize our site according to your needs, to share with your friends the destinations of your trips, and analyze and improve our services in the travel industry.

We could also give you access to Sardinia Destinations services via your social media accounts. The service provider of social media will provide more details on how your information is used and managed in these cases.

How does Sardinia Destinations share your data with third parties?

In some cases, we may share your personal information with third parties.

  • The facility booked: In order to complete the reservation, we need to send the necessary data regarding the reservation at the same hotel you've booked. This data may include: name, contact information, payment details, names of guests traveling with you and specify preferences upon reservation. This information can also be used by Sardinia Destinations or structure to provide personalized offers related to your booking. If you have questions about your reservation, we contact the hotel and ask to handle your request.
  • Third party service providers: We may use third-party companies providing services (eg data managers) to manage your personal information exclusively on our behalf. Among the goals of data management there could be the simplification of the payment of the reservation, sending marketing materials or analysis services. These managers will be obliged to respect confidentiality agreements and will be prohibited from using your personal information for their own purposes or for any other purpose.
  • Competent authorities: We may share your personal information with law enforcement or other government authorities when required by law or if strictly necessary to prevent, detect or prosecute any criminal acts and fraud.
  • Our business partners: We work with business partners around the world to promote the facilities and to help our business partners to advertise their services related to the travel industry. This could lead to an integration of their services on our site, or the ability to show advertising on our site or on their website. When you book through the website of one of our commercial partners, some personal data you provide may also be shared with us. Some business partners may receive from us your personal information, if you so request. When you make a reservation through the website for a business partner, you should read the conditions for privacy on the sites of our partners for more information.

How does Sardinia Destinations use mobile devices?

We offer free apps for a wide range of mobile devices and a desktop version of our site optimized for the mobile. These apps and mobile site handle your personal information you provide us in the same way that this is done for the website, and will also provide location services to locate nearby facilities. With your consent, we may also send you push notifications with information about your booking.

How does Sardinia Destinations use guest reviews and other destination information that you shared with us?

After your stay in one of the structures you book with us, you will receive an invitation to deliver a judgment. The invitation may ask you to provide information on the structure, the surrounding area and on the destination. When you leave a judgment, you agree to have it displayed for example on the relevant page of this facility on our website, on our app, on our social media accounts and related app, on the property's website or on that of one of our partners commercial, in order to inform other travelers about the quality and services of the structure where you have stayed.

If you indicate that a guest review was useful or not useful, we will join your mark with that of other users to sort and prioritize guest reviews. We may use the information in your lists and other information related to the destinations that you shared with us to help other travelers to find the perfect destination; They will be shared anonymously, unless you do not have included in your public profile.



This website uses cookies, and usually technical session, but not profiling, for a normal delivery of its services.

You may withhold its consent to the use of cookies, even preliminarily disabling the function from your browser.

Disabling cookies may affect the navigation of the website compromising some features of our services.

By accessing any page of the website you will be presented a brief informational banner closing which, by clicking the "Accept" button or in any way, you are consenting to the use of cookies in accordance with this Policy. Accepting, on the user's browser you will obviously set a technical cookies that store the preference. If you delete cookies from your browser, the information will be presented again.


Cookies are small text strings that the sites visited by the user send to its terminal (usually the browser), where they are stored before being transmitted back to the same sites at the next visit to the same user.

The legislator, in implementation of the provisions of Directive 2009/136 / EC, has brought the obligation to obtain the prior and informed consent of users to install cookies that are used for purposes other than purely technical (cfr. Art. 1, paragraph 5, letter. a) d. lgs. May 28, 2012, n. 69, which amended Article. 122 of the Code).

In this regard therefore there are two main categories: "technical" and "profiling" cookies.

There are also cookies installed by a different entity from the owner / operator of the site (SO-CALLED "third parties").


Technical cookies are those used for the only purpose of "carrying out the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network, or as strictly necessary for the provider about an information society service, explicitly requested by the subscriber or user to provide this service "(cfr. art. 122, paragraph 1, of the Code).

They can be further divided into:

a) navigation or session cookies, which guarantee the normal navigation and use of the website (allowing, for example, to make a purchase or authenticate to access to any restricted areas);

b) analytics cookies, similar to the technical ones when directly used by the site operator to collect information, in aggregate form, the number of users and how they visit the site.

For the installation of these cookies you are not required the prior approval of the users, while it remains subject to the obligation to provide the information pursuant to art. 13 of the Code.


The profiling cookies are designed to create profiles on the user and are used in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the same part of surfing the net.

This site does not use this kind of cookies.


Visiting a website you may receive cookies from both the visited site ("proprietary") and from websites maintained by other organizations ( "third parties"). A notable example is the presence of "social plugin" for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. It is about parts of the page visited directly generated by these sites and integrated into the host site. The most common use of social plugin is aimed at sharing of content on social networks.

The presence of these plugins involves the transmission of cookies to and from all sites operated by third parties. The information collected by "third-party management" shall be governed by the relevant information so please refer to this. To ensure greater transparency and convenience, web addresses of various information and methods for handling cookies are mentioned below.

Facebook informativa:

Facebook (configurazione): accedere al proprio account. Sezione privacy.

Twitter informative:

Twitter (configurazione):

Linkedin informativa:

Linkedin (configurazione):

Google+ informativa:

Google+ (configurazione):


Most of the browsers allow some control of most cookies through the browser settings. If you do not wish to receive any type of cookie in their system it can increase the privacy protection level of their browser through the appropriate function.

Warning: the total or partial disabling of technical cookies can compromise the use of the functionality of the site reserved for the registered users. On the contrary, the usability of public content is also possible to disable cookies complitely.

Disabling the "third party" cookies does not prejudge in any way the navigability.

The setting can be defined specifically for the different sites and web applications. Also the best browsers allow you to define different settings for cookies "owners" and those of "third parties."

For example, in Firefox, through the Tools-> Options -> Privacy, you can access to a control panel where you can define whether to accept it or not the different types of cookies and remove them.



Internet Explorer:



COOKIES Google Analytics

The Google Analytics tool collects anonymous information and records website trends without identifying individual visitors. Browsers do not share first-party cookies of Google Analytics tool among the various domains. Google Analytics does not report information related to the actual IP addresses of visitors. Due to the use of a method known as IP masking, Google Analytics communicates information so that it can be used only a partial IP address for geolocation, instead of the entire address. It is possible to download the browser add-on for Google Analytics deactivation. The add-on communicates with the Google Analytics JavaScript (ga.js) to indicate that information about the website visit should not be sent to Google Analytics. The browser add-on for Google Analytics opt-out does not prevent information from being sent to the website itself. To disable the action of Google Analytics, please refer to the link given below:


The following table summarizes the technical cookies in use on the site:





Technical Cookie



Cookie Google Analytics

These cookies are used to collect information about how visitors use the site (for example, the time and the day when the visit occurred, any previous visits to the site by the same visitor, the site of origin, etc.). This information is used by SARDINIA DESTINATIONS in order to improve the site.

The following table summarizes the others’ cookies in use on the site:




Social Media/condivisione (sharing)

Cookie di terze parti

They allow you to share comments/ratings/pages/bookmark and help you a simple access to social networks and social tools on the internet.

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